To create the perfect video for you, we will begin with writing a creative idea together. This is the stage where we ask you all the right questions to target your needs and goals. Who is your target audience? What kind of message do you want to convey? What are your company/ product benefits? Who are your competitors? And so on. An accurate and comprehensive pitch will allow us to come up with a creative idea for your film.

In the script-writing process we’ll take into account all the information we collected in the pitch and turn it into an interesting and attractive script. Our style of writing is adjusted according to your needs; it can be either funny, authoritative, explanatory, marketing etc. The script will convey your key messages and motivate your viewers for a specific call to action of your choice.

In this stage we will create a unique visual world for you, a world that fits your graphic language (logo, website, presentation, etc.) and of course is compatible with your script. We will draw various sketches of different styles so you will have a choice and can be 100% satisfied with the visual aspects of your video.

This is when the real magic happens! We take all the previous steps and transform them into your video. We shoot our talented illustrators LIVE and record a professional voiceover.

At this step we mix all our materials, add animation, design sound effects to enrich the visual world, add music, and finally the video is sent to you for your comments and approval.

At the end of the process and after you have your perfect video, you will get it from us in various formats (computer files, optimized for Web, DVD, etc.) and we will help you with uploading it to the Internet and sending it to your customer (we can assist you with optimization techniques).
This is it, we have completed the process. We are convinced that after seeing the results, you will come back to us with a request for another video.

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